Traders Fulcrum Membership Code of Conduct

  1. Membership
    Membership to Traders Fulcrum is voluntary, and may be revoked at any time by the Membership Committee.
  2. Community
    Members are expected to be professional.
  3. Resourceful
    Chicago prides itself not only as the Futures Capital of the world but as a leading Financial Markets Center where resources are shared when possible.
  4. Honesty
    Traders Fulcrum "brotherhood and sisterhood" holds a human handshake of honesty and integrity for all dealings whether in business or networking. Chicago is a small town and transparency is critical to making the group and the efforts of the group as strong as possible with the best results.
  5. Active
    We expect members to do their best to stay active within the community and participate within reason.
  6. Pay it Forward Mentality
    This is our mantra and since the day of inception of this organization there is not one group member who has not benefited from another or meeting the group at the well anticipated quarterly meet ups. Why not help someone and say "yes" when you know you have ability and the time? We do.
  7. Ethical
    High ethical expectations are a given, and we are a neutral club with absolutely no prejudices whatsoever.
  8. Sexual Harassment
    Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature will not be tolerated within the community.
  9. Confidential
    Matters and conversations are at the very crux of Asset Management and Banking dealings especially with the strongest rules for put forth for the Commodities Trading Advisors. We all take a vow of confidentiality no matter what the topic and or venue said topic was discussed.
  10. Curious
    Minds are scattered about the Trader Fulcrum community comprised of Traders, Allocators, Vendors, Exchanges and private investors. There are no stupid questions and the group is always happy to engage and educate. Be inquisitive, we welcome your innovative approaches.
  11. Supportive
    Members and companies are always welcome to join our tribe. Support of our events is always needed and offers an amazing opportunity for firms to expand their brand exposure.